North American CSGO Players Criticised

If you have been following CSGO you would already know who Moses is. He has been a pro player himself and a very good one at that. His opinion is regarded highly among the professional players.

Therefore, it came as a surprise when he himself criticised the CSGO North American players.

Since he himself has experience in playing the game at a professional level, whatever he says should be taken pretty seriously.

According to him, the NA players actually lack the drive when it comes to competing across various tournaments. This over a period of time has led to the various tournaments being dominated by the European players.

He also reckons that there would be very few players in contention for the champion spot from the region in the future. He attributes it to the fact that the pool of players is not upto the mark and efforts which are put in by the amateur players are not enough in the first place to make them a strong contender for being the champion.

The comments were on the verge NA teams, not taking practise seriously and actually spending time playing other games.

If you look into the record of CSGO accounts you would realize that North America has historically been behind Europe when it comes to championships and rankings and Moses does not see this changing in the future years to come considering the attitude of the players.

Moses, also exclaimed that only when majority of the teams, start taking the game seriously at the professional level, would there be a change in the professional skills of the players and you would finally see players becoming top contenders for the championship and being able to compete with other players from all over the world without any shred of inferiority in skills.

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